2 year dating anniversary ideas for him free profile search online dating site

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2 year dating anniversary ideas for him

When we were engaged, we shopped around for a few rings. I was SHOCKED to see that the EXACT ring he wanted in one of the Jewelry stores (for several hundred dollars), was less than on Amazon! If you have any musical skills (or lack of in my case), you could always do a musical tribute.My sister-in-law has dones these for each member of her family and they are so fun!

Some were printables or little booklets that I bought, but everything has it’s own little personal touch and have made wonderful husband birthday gifts.

I had everyone send me a video message on their smartphone and had it compiled into a video. If you find yourself in a similar situation, hunting for an idea for an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or Christmas…are some fun ways we’ve celebrated in the past: Half Birthdays.

This is my favorite way to surprise my husband because he is never expecting it, and is never aware of when his half birthday even is!

Okay, and for me too I’m thinking this will help in a major way when we can’t decide what we want to do and neither of us wants to make the decision.

Hence the reason I talked about my indecisiveness up there in the beginning.

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Learn how to make the sheet and get ideas here: How to turn your master bed into a game board.

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