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An experienced elder law attorney will be able to help families find their way through the qualification maze and qualify for Medicaid sooner rather than later.

Here are three techniques that elder law attorneys utilize in the right circumstances.

Potential third-party payers include Medicare, private insurance, and Medicaid.

Most seniors have Medicare financed coverage as their primary payer of health care costs.

But Medicaid has complicated financial qualification rules that can prevent a long-term care recipient from qualifying for the program.But Medicare does not pay for long term stays in a nursing facility.For an explanation of the rules governing Medicare’s limited payment for nursing home costs see my article Getting Medicare to Pay for more of your Nursing Home Stay. While standard health insurance doesn’t cover nursing home costs, healthy individuals can buy special long-term care insurance that does. It’s expensive and underwriting standards can be difficult to meet.For example, a couple may elect to pay off existing debts; to prepay real estate taxes, insurance, or other large bills; or to prepay funeral expenses.John and Marian Jones have a home and ,000 of savings when John enters a nursing home for a long term stay.

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The average cost of nursing home care in Pennsylvania is now around $100,000 a year.

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