Sex came

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Sex came

Dating site connection leads to rape by Seth Mull, police say Morganelli said it's time to rid society of predators such as Mull.The more cases they prosecute, the longer they'll be able to keep Mull behind bars, he said.Nobody would have believed me.”Ashley Matthau: The dancer says that she met Weinstein in 2004, when he visited the set of and began pressuring her to take a private meeting with him.Eventually, she relented, and went with him to his hotel room, where Weinstein allegedly bragged about other actresses he had supposedly slept with before groping her and masturbating on top of her.He presents himself as a "very compassionate, nice guy," but when the women want to leave, he intimidates them.He calls himself a personal trainer on his Facebook page, but police that's not true.This list will be updated if and when more women come forward.

Assistant District Attorney Laura Majewski said Colonial Regional police are investigating claims made by four victims.Mull is in Philadelphia now, where he's been charged with rape and assault, according to Bethlehem police Chief Mark Di Luzio.The 30-year-old Lower Saucon Township man is linked to more sex trafficking crimes in Harrisburg, San Diego, Chicago and Honolulu, according to police.The majority of the time, Weinstein’s alleged targets were young, aspiring actresses—whom he reportedly preyed upon using his colleagues and his powerful title to cushion against any blowback.From Angelina Jolie to Rose Mc Gowan to Cara Delevingne to Kate Beckinsale, here are the women who have told their stories thus far.

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When Hannah asked for an explanation, she says Weinstein replied, “Are your tits real? Annabella Sciorra: The that Weinstein violently raped her in her apartment in the early 90s, then harassed her repeatedly for the next several years. She said he went into her London hotel room and began masturbating, then allegedly forced himself on her. He did not use a condom,” she said, later adding, “I believe I disassociated during that time that he was having sex with me . She first met him at the European premiere of then later worked on a Weinstein television project.