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Texas registered sex offenders website

For instance, if the registered sex offender is prohibited from situations where they will be in direct contact with children, the offender should not expect to be successful in obtaining employment at a place such as a zoo or amusement park where they will likely have direct contact with children on a daily basis.

These acts can range anywhere from misdemeanors to felonies, and the definition of a sex crime can differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.It includes those convicted of violent and non-violent acts, with minors or adults. federal law: There are different restrictions for different areas and offenses.Tier III offenses require being registered on the Sexual Offender Registry for the duration of the offender’s lifetime, with verification of the information on a quarterly basis. Some areas only require sex offenders to register their name, while others hold restrictions on residency.It also does not reflect the risk of a repeat offense.(Level 1 Sex Offender) are typically of a non-violent nature with persons of the age of majority.

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