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Holly's take Is it wise or wistfully ignorant for triathletes to couple up?

As one who's "been there, done that" in a variety of scenarios, I feel qualified to add my two cents. Sure, he had a naturally fit physique and the talent to thrive in almost any endeavor.

And while I slightly prefer a triathlete to a mere single-sport man, he's got to have a good grip on balance.

I'd urge any singles out there to proceed with caution when considering a potential triathlete partner. For example, if you're with a guy and uncover an M-Dot tattoo, heed that as a warning.

If it's faded, give him the benefit of the doubt -- his early Ironman fetish may now be less of a fixation. Or if you're at the pool and he's laser-focused on his latest swim split, yet blind to the fact that your body is clad in nothing but a bikini, you've got a problem.

Besides the cross-training and fitness benefits gained by pushing yourself to try to keep up with a lover from another sport, dating outside your sport serves to introduce you to new communities.

You can "get" one another's selfish athlete lifestyles while being selfless to one another.

If one partner is a triathlete and the other a paddler, they could share gym workouts and winter sports and when the snow melts and the rivers flow, share the day's adventure stories as pillow talk.

When we had an actual argument about how to ideally spend a Sunday morning (his choice was to sleep until 10, then lounge over eggs benedict and mimosas; I preferred to be finishing my 12-mile run by the time he even stirred) I knew we had to break up.

Still, I'm gun-shy of the idea of romance with certain triathletes -- the over-the-top Type A's.

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What a treat it is to have someone waiting for you at the finish line, especially when you can reciprocate.

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